Jewelry Care, PART ONE : Basics

Jewelry Care, PART ONE : Basics

Let's get back to the basics ...

We need to first educate ourselves on the primary factors of what can cause tarnishing. Our 18k gold-filled pieces can hold up beautifully and be your everyday pieces for years. However, they need a little love and care to do so. I'm going to give you a crash course on some major factors that could be effecting your jewelry's performance. After every factor I will compile a small list of specific examples of contributing factors + how to avoid wear on your pieces in those areas.

Major Factors :

1. What We're Using

Chemicals + products being left on the surface for two long. The result of this would be a rapidly darkening chain - no fun. These chemicals can be found in a lot of things, even in your own skin's pH balance (more on that later).

Specific Examples: Hair spray, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, cleaning products, perfumes, and some lotions.

Avoidance: This one is easy! Your jewelry should be the last thing in your morning routine. Give your products a little time to settle into the skin before adding those golden pieces. 

2. Our Bodies

This is going to sound a little odd, I know. This comes down to the simple makeup of each individuals hormones and pH balance. The pH balance in your skin - in very simple terms - is essentially the balance of acidity of your skin. Gold-filled jewelry reacts negatively to those with a high pH balance and it can cause much more rapid darkening in your chain - this is quite rare but can still be a factor!

In general, when getting sweaty we should all be removing any gold-filled jewelry.

Avoidance: Remove your jewelry when getting sweaty or headed to sun-bathe. 

3. Pools + Hot Tubs

A big no no, like a really big thumbs down. The chemicals in these spots are very mean to gold-filled pieces and can cause very rapid wear.

Avoidance: Simply remove your beautiful chains before taking a dip to keep them beautiful!

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