The Truth About Gold-Filled

The Truth About Gold-Filled

I'm confident you are going to love your gold-filled jewelry and if you care for it, it's going to love your right back.  It's important to know that gold-filled jewelry is not solid gold, it's a much more affordable option while still getting the quality you deserve.  Let's talk about the nitty gritty on our gold-filled pieces ...

You may have heard that gold filled will "never tarnish" or will "last a lifetime" - I wish this was absolutely true for every single scenario but, it's not. Yup, I said it. This isn't to say our 18k gold-filled jewelry can't or won't last the test of time... There is just simply so many factors that have a massive effect on gold-filled pieces.

Let me offer some advice on how to have the absolute practised when it comes to maintaining your new pieces.

The longevity of your gold-filled pieces come down to three MAIN things:

1.  What touches it: what are you wearing (perfumes and products can cause a lot of build up and wear on your pieces)
2.  When you wear it : are you ever taking your piece off? (is it getting tossed around while you get restless sleep)
3.  How you store it: hot tip : never ever in the bathroom

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