Jewelry Care, PART TWO: Cleaning

Jewelry Care, PART TWO: Cleaning

Your day-to-day routine ...

After each wear, gently remove any product build up by wiping with a soft cloth or cotton ball.  

Pro Tip One : If you know you've been extra sweaty that day or you know you used some heavy products (especially sunscreen & perfume) give your pieces a quick rinse in warm water and pat dry! 

Pro Tip Two : Before you hop in bed, take your jewelry off to sleep. This will help with the longevity on your pieces. 

Deep cleaning ...

I have a few reels that you can find on our instagram that give you a quick visual on how to give a good deep clean.

Let's give your chain a good clean!

You'll need the following :

  1. Mild soap 
  2. Cup of warm water
  3. Soft cloth, flannel, or paper towel
  4. Soft Toothbrush (extra step)

Start with a cup of warm water and add a tbs. of mild soap (dawn dish soap or dove body soap are my go-to's).

Stir this mixture and submerge your chains fully - if the pendants are removable go ahead and slide the off the chain before submerging. Let the chain sit for 5 minutes. 

* If needed, use a soft bristle toothbrush and gently massage the chain. I recommend using this extra step for the rope chains & herringbone chains & your pendant pieces that have cable chains.

Rinse your chain with running/clean warm water to remove any residue.

Pat dry with a soft material - ensure your piece is completely dry before storing away.

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