Jewelry Care, PART THREE : How To Store

Jewelry Care, PART THREE : How To Store

Something that seems so simple ...

But makes a massive difference in the longevity in your gold-filled pieces! Where you take off your pieces at the end of the day has such a big impact on the over all maintenance of your golden pieces.

1. Store it squeaky clean - preform your day to day jewelry routine ( make sure you know the basics here ) before the night ends. This ensures you're not letting any products / chemicals settle onto the chain!

2. Keep your pieces away from the bathroom! The humidity can be very harsh on your beautiful chains. I keep my favourite pieces in a small jewelry case that is lined with velvet on my night stand . This way I always know where my everyday go-to's are and they're safe from the elements.

3. When it doubt, store it in a zip lock. This is a great little travel tip when you're in unfamiliar territory!

Pro Tip : Never , ever , ever store your gold-filled pieces with sterling silver items - the oxidization can be very mean to your gold pieces! Store them in separate areas or bags.

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